We are a Clan/Guild made up of veteran gamers from near and far that share the same interest and beliefs when it comes to the gaming community. Fun, fair, and clean game play.

Our clan/guild is built on FPS shooters and MMO's, primarily the ArmA franchise And World of Warcraft at this time. Though we do have our other games that we enjoy playing with one another.

If you are of the age of 18+, have a mature attitude yet can take a joke, and are looking for a community that shares the same views when it comes to gaming... Fair, teamwork, communication, and over all enjoyment of the game, then please feel free to come on in and have a look around. Possibly even join us in the forums, in game, and on our TeamSpeak Channel.

Once again... Welcome to Wasteland Goats, where you can act like a Goat, but don't be a Kid.